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If you're someone who is fascinated by the blueness of the mountains as I am, then you'll find many a reason to stop and stare (if Davies fuels your thought), while in Simla. Also called Shimla by the locals, some of its yesteryear charm lives on - in is colonial lodges, wooden cottages and charming alleyways - from the time it has inspired Rudyard Kipling's Kim.

And I took a summer break there to discover that the hill station is alive with more than the sound of music, today.An hour or so later I decided to make a trip to the place where the action was: Mall Road, a pedestrian promenade (every hill station up north really, has one by th same name), and being the advent of summer this was a jamboree of everyone from honeymooners to Himachalis (as they call themselves).

You can go on nature walks here - the miles of hillside are apt for it and the meadows make for inviting picnic spots.Tourist guides who hang about the buzzing market avenue, can tell one more on the subject.



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